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Knotty Luxe Arts Foundation

Pamela Mack, Founder  |  3442 W 159th Street | Markham, IL 60428  |  (855) 800-ARTS (2787)


Our drama, dance and music classes are 2.5 to 3 contact hours per session. 4 to 6 sessions equal a module. Each module ends with a culminating activities. We call our performing artists Edutainers

One of our goals is to help keep children safe by providing healthy and safe alternatives to the rising presence of bullying and violence in our communities. In addition to the arts-in-education components, Edutainment includes a curriculum that will help boost self-esteem, restore community pride, provide conflict resolution strategies, promote financial literacy, and stress the importance of time management.

Administrative Team

Pam Mack • Founder + Artistic Director | Fernando Jones • Program Director

Master Class Providers

Morris Hayes (Prince) | Cynda Williams ("Mo' Betta Blues")

Marqueal Jordan (Brian Colbertson) | Mike "Myk" Harvey (Columbia College Chicago)

Pierre Lockett (Forward Momentum Chicago)

Binta Kai (Violinist) | J Grant (Drummer)

Master Class Session Topics

Show Business Career Readiness | Financial Literacy

Playwriting | Conflict Resolution

Instrument and Voice | Digital Music Making

Graphic Design | DJ-ing

Field Study Trips

Broadway in Chicago | Navy Pier

Chicago Blues Fest | Grant Park

Blues Camp | Columbia College Chicago

Accelerate Indoor Speedway | Auditorium Theatre


• Keep the arts-at-large exciting

• Provide basic dance, drama and music instruction

• Create beginner, intermediate and advanced music ensembles

• Create career ready performers

• Teach skills + strategies to combat bullying through the arts
• Introduce the art of performing live, professionally

• Introduce the history of dance, drama and music

• Teach the basic skills necessary to perform professionally

Learning Outcomes

Edutainers will be able to:

• Improve their performing arts literacy by doing research

• Use critical thinking skills to solve problem

• Demonstrate practical skills in a culminating public presentations

• Communicate using cross-generational language

• Critique and self-evaluate performances

• Provide feedback to others

• Collaborate with others

• Perform live concerts and stage plays, professionally

• Perform as “one” in ensemble settings

• Demonstrate proper stage and show business etiquette

Assessment Measures

• Pre-and Post-Course Evaluation Surveys

• Oral and Written Quizzes

• Homework Assignments

• Class Participation + Attendance

• Research 

• Culminating Performances

• Pre and Post Performance Evaluations + Critiques

Career Readiness Sessions

• Financial Literacy

• Songwriting

• Fundamentals of Acting

• Music Instrument Instruction

• Dress Code/Grooming

• Reading Music     

• Digital Audio Recording

• Dancing

• Stage Presentation Etiquette

• Film Production

• Creating Monologues

• Resume Writing

• Make Your Hobby a Career

Field Study Trips

•. Theatres

• Concert Halls

• Amusement Sites

• Academic Institutions


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